Love the ambiance, and will plan to come back!

I love how quiet yet productive this place can be. The pour over and matcha drinks were very dainty and flavorful!

-Desiree L.

THE space to go to if you want to tap into your creative world.

I decided to order something completely different from what I usually order so I went for a hot chai latte with oat milk and it was yummy!

-Susan M.


I got back to my car and took my first sip and holy moly I was shocked at how smooth it was!!! I drank it much more quickly than I normally would have and am honestly going to be dreaming about this coffee until I have it again. 100/100 can't wait to be back!

Love the ambience and aesthetic of Freelance

Great environment! Great coffee!

I tried the Flat White Oat Milk and it was perfect. Excellent microfoam and great tasting espresso!

-Ron R.

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It's all About The Relationship

It’s about more than just beans. With a coffee this intricate and exceptional, we provide unique barista training and the support they need to truly thrive and meet the moment for a pour of Specialty Coffee.


Are Freelance beans Organic?

Most of our coffees come certified organic and our coffee selection is constantly changing. With the availability to certify in certain regions, it is difficult for small lots and micro-growers to access the resources needed for these expensive certifications. With this existing reality, we do our best to source, visit, and connect directly with these farmers to provide you exceptional coffee.

What makes a strong coffee?

The prominent theory on this is that caffeine content is based on the coffee’s origin. A coffee’s caffeine strength really depends on the mass, sugar, and water retention after roasting. A darker roast would normally require more mass since the coffee bean is less dense after roasting. Same theory applies to match a lighter roast where less beans would be used.

What’s the best way to make coffee at home?

Without excessive equipment, the simplest and best way to make a coffee at home is the pour over method. Visit our “How To” page for details on how to make this best pour over at home!

What’s the difference between Washed and Natural process?

A natural processed coffee is drying coffee cherries whole without the intervention of water or machines to remove any of the fruit. Prior to drying, the cherries are picked, floated in water, and sorted to remove any under-ripe or overripe fruit.

In a washed coffee, organic matter is stripped off the coffee bean within days of the coffee cherry being plucked from the tree and then washed with the water before they are dried. This removes any impurities and gives the coffee a cleaner taste.

How long will my beans stay fresh?

As time progresses, freshly roasted beans begin to oxidize and flavor complexity begins to diminish.

We recommend using your coffee within 3-5 weeks of the roast date.

What's the story with tasting notes?

The tasting notes refer to the flavor profile inherent in each roast of coffee, influenced by factors such as the farm's location, coffee variety, and processing method. While all coffee shares a common essence, nuances in sweetness, acidity, aftertaste, mouthfeel, and aromas highlight the distinctiveness of each brew. These tasting notes serve as a guide to articulating these individual characteristics.