About Us

Freelance was founded on the philosophy of individuality, creativity, and a steadfast commitment to pursuing one's passion. Our exclusive focus on roasting single-origin coffee allows you to experience the unique taste characteristics shaped by each coffee's origin, elevation, climate, rainfall, and farming practices.

Each bag of our single-origin coffee is, in itself, a celebration of individuality. Because life is too short to blend in.

Mill City Roasters

Daily Coffee News

Born out of a creative agency, Freelance Coffee Project is now a full-time roasting venture and coffee retail destination in sunny Southern California’s Newport Beach.

Orange Coast Magazine

New Freelance Coffee Project appears to be Southern California’s first roastery and tasting room focusing solely on single-origin coffees.

Tea & Coffee Trade Journal

Jeremy Creighton and Natalie Taormina, two of the original founders of Common Room Roasters, have now launched Freelance Coffee Project.