Hiroia Jimmy Scale

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This sophisticated and minimalist smart scale brings new heights to connectivity - it's the world's first dual bluetooth scale! JIMMY has a detachable magnetic display bar that connects to the weigh scale via bluetooth and at the same time connects to the companion JIMMY App (available for iOS and Android). You can even control JIMMY with your Apple Watch!

Place the display bar anywhere you want thanks to the handy magnet on the back. Put it on the side of your espresso machine or anywhere else at eye level that a magnet will stick. By separating the display, Hiroia created a highly water-resistant, heat resistant scale that fits comfortably on a drip tray, all while making it easier to see the timer and weight measurement. On top of all that, the display is easy to use in any light condition - it's super bright and designed so you can read it from any angle.

JIMMY has customized modes for both pour-over and espresso, switchable with a gentle touch. And the JIMMY App has four different modes to bring out your inner coffee geek. Espresso Mode to record and save your brews or espresso extractions, Pour-over Mode where you can follow a recipe, Training Mode to practice your pouring speed, and JIMMY Mode for simply controlling JIMMY and displaying the real-time data.